My day In Providence, Rhode Island

I travel all across the United States for fun – I was born and raised here, though in Kentucky – supporting myself as a nomadic freelance writer and transcriptionist.

Two weeks ago, I stopped by Providence, Rhode Island. Before my most recent tour, I had actually never been to New England or any of its great states. It’s super cold there compared to Kentucky, but I got over the temperature difference quickly.

After resting at Hotel Providence the night I got there, I woke myself up to an invigorating hike at the Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy. Let me tell you – Providence, Rhode Island has some beautiful mountains! If only I had waited until the fall season to go there.

I go to a small school in Tennessee. Well, actually, I complete all of my necessary schooling stuff from the road like a true nomad, but you catch my gist. Seeing as there aren’t any Ivy League schools down in the Southeast, I just had to walk all over Brown University’s campus.

Even though I do look like a college student, I just had to make sure I looked like a Brown University student for the day. I stopped by its bookstore and picked up a couple t-shirts, and acted like a super-smart Ivy Leaguer for the day.


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