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Ants are the most persistent and common household pests. They’re a nuisance, create unsightly mounds in homes, contaminate food and hollow through wood to create their nests, causing structural damages to properties. Some species have life-threatening stings; for instance, fire ants can cause serious health issues if they sting people with hypersensitivity.

Ants come in all sorts of species with unique characteristics, influencing ant control methods used on any specific insects of this kind. Ants are social insects living in colonies of hundreds to thousands of ants based on the specific species. A colony has at least one ant queen and worker ants often seen foraging around houses looking for water and food.

Ant trails often run from their nests to places where they get food. Ants build their nests indoors (or outdoors) where they forage for water and food, hence the need for their control.

Ant Control

Many people only spray the ants they see in an effort to control ant infestation in their homes. However, the ants often disappear temporarily only to return moments later. The ants often seen foraging for water and food in households are just a small portion of the hundreds or thousands in a colony.

Therefore, killing only those seen doesn’t completely eliminate them from your household. Every ant colony has at least a queen responsible for laying eggs and hatching more ants. The only way to effectively eradicate ants from your home is to either destroy the ant nests in your home or simply kill the queen.

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Ant Exterminator

Ants tend to build their nests in hidden places in homes such as behind walls, concrete slabs and floors. An ant exterminator can help eliminate ants from your household. They can use insecticide baits to eradicate ants by destroying their hidden ant nests that can’t be easily located.

Foraging ants take the baits back to their nests with food that’s eaten by the queen and other ants in their nests, leading to mass death of the ants. Ant trails can also be used to locate ant nests outdoors. Identified nests are drenched with liquid insecticide to kill all the ants and queens in the colony.

Granular bait, caulking, spraying insecticides and treating entry points and trails are other effective ant control methods. Many homeowners cannot effectively control ants and other insects on their own, hence the need for a professional ant exterminator.

Local Exterminator for Ants

A local exterminator for ants can help with ant removal if you have an intensive ant infestation. The professionals are based nearby and have the resources, equipment and knowledge needed to rid your home of ants and other pests.

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