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Cockroach Exterminator

Cockroaches often infest food service businesses, homes and structures housing food or having food sources nearby. The presence of a cockroach isn’t just disliked by many people, but can be repulsive. The insects can transmit disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria that cause food poisoning when they get in contact with your food.

Studies have linked cockroaches second after house dust as a common trigger of allergy in people at home. Although cockroaches can enter your home from outdoors, they are also introduced through laundry, grocery bags and other things brought into your home. Roaches are prolific breeders and thus can multiply fast in your home, up to thousands annually.

Cockroaches live in warm, dark, moist areas with food. Unlike other pests that tend to be seasonal, cockroach infestation can be prevalent throughout the year, hence the need for cockroach removal and control.

Cockroach Removal

Since roaches live in dirty places with moisture, warmth and food, proper sanitation is key to preventing and controlling their infestation. Empty cardboard boxes, soft drink bottles and paper bags accumulated in your household. Seal food containers and clean drink spillages and crumbs on your surfaces.

Boric acid and insecticide-based baits are effective in cockroach removal and control from your home. Cockroach baits are slow-acting, but effective in killing roaches. Roaches feed on the bait and crawl back to their nests where their sputum, feces and the bait they carry with them kill other roaches in their nest.

Roach baits are child-resistant, odor-free and not volatile. They are placed in areas where cockroaches tend to hide such as drawers and cabinets. Similarly, boric acid is an effective agent for cockroach removal and control in homes if used correctly. It can be used alone or with baits and other roach control techniques.

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Used in its dry form, boric acid is highly potent and effective even in small doses. It can be used in both residential and commercial properties. Unlike other insecticides, it’s not repellent. This means roaches often return to treated areas resulting in massive deaths of the insects. It’s odorless, not volatile and less toxic to pets, people and other animals not being targeted.

It is made from a combination of water and boron, a mineral often found in toothpastes, additives and mouthwash. It also comes ready to use in squeeze-type tubes with narrow tips for easy application.

The powder particles adhere to the bodies of roaches when they walk across treated areas; they ingest the particles and even absorb the acid through their greasy bodies, eventually killing them. The acid is effective in all types of roaches.



Cockroach Exterminator

Whether your home has been infested with the German, American, oriental, brown-banded or woods roach, a cockroach exterminator can help remove them from your home. The professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in cockroach removal and control.

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