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The house mouse can adapt to living under different conditions near food establishments, homes and any other structure with food around. In the United States, mice aren’t just troublesome, but also important economically. They consume human and pet food. Mice also tend to contaminate surfaces, especially in the kitchen with bacterium-prone feces known to cause food poisoning.

In fall, mice often migrate indoors for shelter, warmth and food in the coming winter. After mice establish a nest indoors, eradicating them can be difficult. Unlike rats, mice are more common and destructive. Mice gnaw constantly, a tendency often leading to destruction of property and structures.

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Reproducing 6 to 10 litters throughout the year, mice are prolific breeders. They gnaw and contaminate various things in the house with their urine and droppings. Furniture, clothing, food, books and other household items can easily be destroyed by mice. However, mice are nocturnal and thus hard to be seen.

Squeaking or gnawing sounds, sounds from movements and damage to materials and food in the house are signs of mice infestation. Unlike rats, mice forage short distances, less than 10 to 25 feet from their nests. The distance is even shorter if shelter and food are available in abundance.

They feed on cereal grains and seeds rich in proteins and fats. Since they’re ‘nibblers’, mice tend to visit 20 to 30 food sites every single night.

Mice Control and Mouse Removal

Think like a mouse to control mice. Place mice control devices such as traps in areas where mice activity seem imminent, usually near edges and walls. Note that mice are inquisitive and tend to assess new objects placed in their foraging environments. Therefore, if this method fails, try to move the traps around to other locations around your house.

Blocking mice entry points to your house is the best way to control them. Cracks in the foundation, gaps and openings beneath or above doors and areas where pipes enter houses should be sealed. Mice can enter your home using even the tiniest of holes. Traps, glue boards, toxic baits or rodenticides and proper sanitation and food storage practices can help with mouse removal from your home.

Mouse Exterminator

Mouse exterminators are professionals trained, skilled and experienced in mouse removal and mice control. They can assess homes for mice infestation and follow their trials and droppings to identify their nests. Exterminators have the tools and resources, including protective gear needed to safely eliminate mice and other rodents from your home.

Local Exterminator for Mice

A local exterminator for mice can help rid your home of rodents at a small fee. Find a reliable, trustworthy, licensed, experienced and knowledgeable in mice control and mouse removal.

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